For the week of April 28th we are sampling Ramstein Maibock from High Point Brewing Company in Butler, NJ.  A Maibock is brewed to help transition the beer drinkers in the German Alps from the cold, bitter winter into the first warm days of May.  Also referred to as a Helles Bock or Heller Bock, a Maibock is traditionally stronger in alcohol (This one is 7.5% abv.), but lighter in color and body than other Bock beers to help make way for the Wheat Beers of Summer.

Ramstein Maibock is brewed from Vienna and Munich malts. You'll notice a deep malty flavor with a bit of toasty caramel.  Sample a delicious Maibock this week, as we begin the month of May, for half price at Half Time in Poughkeepsie!