This week we've teamed up with our friends at Half Time to sample a TAP-NY award winning Cream Ale.  Brown's Cream Ale comes from Brown's Brewing in Troy, NY.  Here's their description of this week's beer:

Brown’s Cream Ale is light bodied and smooth with the refreshing subtle zip of a Cascade hop and slightly sweet finish. Brown’s Cream Ale gets it’s “creamy” profile from colder fermentation temperatures, flaked maize in the mash bill and a final Krauesening with Pilsner.
Malts: Two Row Brewers Barley & Flaked Maize Hops: Cascade 5.25% a.b.v.

Get yourself down to Half Time on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie and fill up your WPDH growler with Brown's Cream Ale for half price this week.  If you missed our on-air tasting, here's the video: