Maybe she happens to like guys with big ears?

From Ohio; the U.S's second kookiest state only after Florida, comes this Easter season's most messed up story. The Huff Post says a 54-year-old woman was arrested March 25 after she allegedly made lewd remarks and inappropriately grabbed a person dressed as the Easter Bunny at a carousel park in Mansfield, Ohio.

Of course, this all happened in front of a bunch of kids so parents were not too thrilled with the woman's actions.

Police said:

We received a report from a citizen, an unusual report from a citizen, that called us to the Richland Carrousel Park of an intoxicated female doing some lewd acts on the Easter Bunny.

Now if you're wondering why would she have done such a thing? According to police, she was intoxicated. Big surprise. Police said the woman had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and “a generally wobbly demeanor.”