A wrestling fan who used to visit the Civic Center as a teen now owns the naming rights for the concert venue.

On Monday the Mid Hudson Civic Center announced a new sponsor who will pay for upgrades and modernization to the aging convention space. In exchange, the Civic Center will be officially renamed to the Majed J. Nesheiwat Convention Center.

Concertgoers were excited to hear that the beloved music and event space would be restored to its former glory. At the same time, many people were left scratching their heads, wondering just who Majed J. Nesheiwat is and why he's sponsoring the Civic Center.

Even if you haven't heard the name, you've most likely been to one of Nesheiwat's many businesses scattered throughout the Hudson Valley. As the CEO of Gas Land Petroleum, Majed, or "Mitch" as his friends call him, oversees a portfolio of gas stations and convenience stores across the region.

Gas Land Petroleum is the Hudson Valley's largest independent gas distributor and has made it their mission to help eliminate ugly eyesores and abandoned businesses around the region. In a recent interview with CS News, Nesheiwat explained the company's goal of serving the community. Instead of building gas stations and convenience stores on new land, Nesheiwat has been cleaning up the contaminated sites of old, neglected gas stations and transforming them into beautiful, new businesses.

Nesheiwat makes it a point to find out the specific needs of each community and tailor each location to suit the population's interests. Gas Land has incorporated cozy cafes, delis, breakfast restaurants and more into their Hudson Valley locations.

As for his involvement with the Civic Center, Nesheiwat explained in a press release that his love of the ailing venue started long ago when the Civic Center was at its prime.

 I came to Poughkeepsie at the age of 15 from Jordan. With hard work and opportunity, I built my business and raised my family here. As a teenager, my first thrilling experience in life was at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, when I went to watch a live wrestling match. I have countless happy memories here and now my children and grandchildren are creating their own memories here. I love this community and I feel like it is only right to give back, especially after all it has given me. This opportunity with the civic center is the perfect way for us to do that. My family and I are looking forward to working with the civic center and serving our community for many years to come.

Upgrades to the Majed J. Nesheiwat Convention Center will begin in 2019 with a much-needed facelift to the building and surrounding area.