You may have seen a rye beer on the menu and wondered whether to order it or not. A beer expert explains why you might want to give rye a try.

Matt Levy is the head brewer at Peekskill Brewery and he says that rye can add a whole new dimension to beer. Most beers are made with malted barley, which gives beer its body and sweet malt taste. Rye is another grain that is more crisp than barley, creating a unique flavor profile that can transform your standard lager into something quite "uncommon".

In fact, Matt has named Peekskill's rye beer "Uncommon Lager." When describing the beer, Matt says it's light, crisp and has a dry finish. The rye adds a bit of spice to the beer while drying it out. Its added in small quantities and transforms a standard lager into something a bit more unique.

So the next time you see a rye beer on the menu, give it a chance.  Uncommon Lager from Peekskill Brewery is now available in the Hudson Valley and, of course, at their brewery right by the train station in Peekskill.