There are many advertisements for many services and products all over the subway. We usually don't pay much attention unless it's something that really stands out. One Brooklyn based company feels their particular product could get a lot of attention, however they feel the MTA is shutting them out for unfair reasons.

NBC NY is reporting that a sex toy company called Dame Products says the MTA violated its First Amendment rights by turning down their ads. The women's sex toy company also claims gender discrimination against the MTA, saying they will allow ads for erectile dysfunction medication, condoms and the Museum of Sex, but not their product.

Now they are suing for damages and to be allowed to run their ads. Their suit says:

Instead, it reveals the MTA's sexism, its decision to privilege male interests in its advertising choices, and its fundamental misunderstanding of Dame's products...

An MTA spokesperson counters by saying the MTA's advertisement is "not gender or viewpoint discriminatory."  He also says that the MTA's advertisement policy does not allow ads for sex toys for any gender.

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