Some Hudson Valley residents might have felt like it was springtime during the middle of the week, though the milder weather didn't last for long. Much colder weather has returned to area by late week, and should tick around through the weekend, according to forecasts. The one good thing is that the weekend ahead should remain dry, with a very minimal chance for precipitation.

Highs Friday will be in the mid 30s, with party cloudy skies and some gusty winds making it feel even colder. Lows Friday night will be near 20. Highs Saturday will be in the low to mid 30s, with a mixture of of and clouds. Lows overnight will drop to upper 10s to low 20s. Sunday will pretty much be the same, with highs once again in the 30s, and partly cloudy skies. Lows Sunday night will fall to about 20.

If you were enjoying the warmer weather the area saw Wednesday, then you'll love next week's forecast. Next week should see quite a warm up, with highs approaching the upper 40s by Monday, and even warmer temps by the middle of the week.

But while the weather people are calling for some much nicer weather next week, the Hudson Valley's extended spring weather forecast says it could take a while to really warm up. AccuWeather is calling for below average temperatures in the Northeast to stick around through late March and into at least early April. Meteorologists also say there's a possibility for a continued pattern of snow storms through the end of March. Of course, forecasts, especially ones this far out, can be wrong.

But that could just be the beginning? Some meteorologists believe all the winter weather we've experienced in February may actually be setting up an active severe weather season by later into the spring. A late start to spring-like weather could mean an increased chance for severe thunderstorms, and even tornadoes, by later in the season before. One of the reasons is La Niña. The bitter cold we're seeing across most areas of the nation will eventually clash with warmer and more humid air moving up from the south. AccuWeather says by May the jet stream will move further and further north, as high pressure builds over the center of the country. This is where strong cold fronts and severe weather form in the spring time and then move east. AccuWeather says that areas of the Northeast could be a target for severe weather by then, as the storms gain strength when they move into areas of clashing air masses.

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