Yesterday Apple announced it would be releasing the Home Pod to compete with Alexa and Google.

The unveiling of the Home Pod was somewhat expected, since voice recognition hardware has become more and more popular over the past year. Amazon's Alexa allows users to order items, play music and look up information just by barking commands into the tiny speaker.

Google's home assistant has also been gaining market share by putting the power of the company's search engine behind a similar voice powered speaker. Catching up with their competitors, Apple's high-end speaker not only delivers the power of Siri, but is also armed with an incredibly high tech sound system that can automatically customize itself depending on the size and acoustics of the room it's placed in.

Since Apple's Home Pod won't be available until December, we thought this would be a perfect time to unveil our own device. The Meaty Pod still has a few bugs, but we think it's going to be huge.

Here's an exclusive first look: