It’s about damn time the Fine Bros made a ‘Kids React to Iron Maiden’ video! Every youngster should be exposed to The Beast sooner or later, so we’re appreciative this group of kids keep getting schooled on the world’s best music.

FBE introduced the kids to Iron Maiden as “a band from the ‘70s,” even though Maiden’s first album came out in 1980. After shaking our heads like the metal snobs we are, we watched the group of youths get their first taste of Maiden with “Run to the Hills.” Though one young lady thought Bruce Dickinson was a girl, most of the kids ended up digging “Run to the Hills.”

“Aces High” came soon after, with seven-year-old Tida commenting that it sounds like the Pokemon theme song. A lot of the other kids were impressed by Dickinson’s ability to keep a raspy, loud voice while singing clearly, while others were overwhelmed by the speed of “Aces High.”

Moving into Maiden’s ‘90s period, the kids were spooked by “Fear of the Dark,” an issue some of them may currently struggle with. “If he’s afraid of the dark, why doesn’t he just get a nightlight or something,” one youngster understandably points out.

The last song chosen to show the kids was a perfect choice — “Hallowed Be Thy Name.” The seven-minute epic may have been a little much for some of the tikes to absorb, but it was received pretty well! However, the best reactions came when the kids were shown a collage of Maiden’s album art, each prominently featuring Eddie the Head on the cover.

See how many kids were transformed into Iron Maiden fans by checking out the clip above!

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