Like a scene out of Stranger Things, these creepy creatures have taken over the entire studio.

This morning while preparing for The Boris and Robyn Show I heard my cohost, Robyn Taylor, screaming in the studio. She was yelling, "THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!" I assumed she was telling our producer a funny story and acting out someone's reaction, but seconds later the door to the studio burst open and Robyn came out with a look of terror on her face.

"You have to see this," she screamed, forcing me out of my office and into the studio. When I opened the door I saw exactly why Robyn was so horrified. There were creepy, crawly creatures slithering on the floor everywhere.

If I hadn't just watched episode seven of the new season of Stranger Things I probably would have just turned away and laughed. But with the flayed on my mind, I started freaking out too.

Unfortunately, Eleven was unavailable to come over and use her powers to blow these things back to the upside down, so we had to take matters into our own hands. After squishing a dozen or so of these creatures the invasion began to slow down. But, if for some reason we begin sweating and eating boxes of cleaning detergent, you'll know that we've been taken over by the mind flayer.

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