A tropical rainforest mammal was spotted on a Hudson Valley home's porch.

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On Feb. 4, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officers overheard radio traffic concerning a possible primate trapped on an individual's porch, the DEC announced on Wednesday.

While heading to the location, Ulster County Sherriff's deputies and Plattekill police placed the animal into a cat carrier.

Once on the scene, DEC officers confirmed that the animal was a Kinkajou. Kinkajous are tropical mammals bearing a close resemblance to primates or raccoons. According to the DEC, these animals are legal to own because they do not belong to the primate family.

After securing the Kinkajou, officers called the New Paltz Animal Hospital to arrange temporary lodging.

Employees at the animal hospital were familiar with a person who lived in the area and owned a pet Kinkajou. As it turned out, the person's pet Kinkajou escaped from the home, not far where it was found, the DEC reports.

The officers reunited the owner with the Kinkajou in less than an hour after the original call came over the radio.