Theatergoers got their first look at a new film shot in the Hudson Valley during the previews before Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

John Karasinksi and Emily Blunt star in A Quiet Place. The film was shot in New Paltz over the summer and will be released on April 6. The thriller is about a family that is being hunted by some mysterious creatures that can only track them through sound. Krasinksi and Blunt are seen living in a farmhouse with their family, using sign language to communicate and being careful not to make any noise at all.

During the trailer some New Paltz landmarks were shown. The most recognized location was the rail trail bridge over the Wallkill River. A farmhouse on Dover Road was also used for the film. The town gave approval to the production company to allow weeds and plants become overgrown in order to give the location a more eerie feel.

YouTube/Paramount Pictures
YouTube/Paramount Pictures

Here is more information on some of the other locations around Ulster County that were used for the filming: