Watching the parking spaces get painted at a local Hudson Valley business is just what you need to distract yourself from the holiday madness.

It's been kind of a slow news weekend around the Hudson Valley, and if you've been anywhere outside you know that roads are already packed with shoppers getting ready for the holidays. Parking lots are packed with cars and people seem a little more agitated than usual, which is why this video is all the more enjoyable.

A Plus Striping posted this video of the parking lot at Newburgh Metals being striped this week. If you've never watched parking spaces getting painted, the precision work that goes into it is kind of hypnotic.

The two part video shows the "artist" zipping around on a special vehicle equipped with a paint sprayer. The lines quickly come alive thanks to the time-lapse video. Diagonal patterns blocking out loading zones seem especially difficult to accomplish, as the driver seemingly does it by eyeballing the lines.

In part two of the video even more spaces are completed around the side of the building with seemingly no hesitation between sprays:

Is this the most incredible thing you've ever seen? Most likely it is not. But you do have to admit it's pretty cool.