I am not sure if you had a chance to listen to this week's rock news on The Boris and Robyn Show, but if not, we have a recap for you right here.  There was some pretty good news to tell you about, especially if you are a classic rock fan.  Which I am guessing you are since you listen to WPDH.

If you love The Who, click on the rock news link below to find out where and when you will be able to see them in concert this summer.  Do you like Yes?  Especially with Jon Anderson?  If the answer is yes, then there is some great news for you this week.  If you have been waiting forever for the Freddie Mercury biopic, there is finally some news about that this week.  And what could be better than a reunion of the original members of Alice Cooper?  We have more details for you this week on rock news.  Just click the link below.

We do rock news for you every weekday morning at 6:45 on The Boris and Robyn Show. But if you miss it, check back here for the recap.  Have a great weekend.