The Culinary Institute of America introduced us to two traditional holiday breads from Germany that sound like fruitcake, but are actually delicious.

The American fruitcake has a bad reputation, and probably for good reason. The dessert is usually dried out and full of hard pieces of dried fruit that seem to have been sitting around since the Revolutionary War. That's probably why there's never been a documented case of anyone ever actually a piece of fruitcake given to them during the holidays.

The Germans, however, have two incredible holiday breads that are made with dried fruit you'll actually want to eat.

The first is called Stollen Bread. Many people have probably heard of this bread made with dried nuts and spices. The loaf is coated with powdered sugar or icing and the end result is a pastry-like bread that simply melts in your mouth. Chef Hans Welker, associate professor of baking and pastry arts at the CIA, makes his Stollen Bread with marzipan inside as well.

Welker also introduced us to another German bread called Hutzelbrot that is made with "fruits from the forest" and is simply out of this world. You'll have to see it for yourself to understand exactly what this bread is all about: