What do kids in the Hudson Valley REALLY want this Christmas? This survey may surprise you; the number one item isn't something you can get in a store.

Ebates.com recently conducted a survey, asking parents across the country what their children want for Christmas this year. Apparently, cash is king at any age. 78% of teens put money on the top of their wish list for 2014. Other hot items include clothes, video games and several high tech gadgets.

Here's the top 10 list for children aged 13-16:

1. Cash – 78%
2. Clothes – 62%
3. Entertainment related gift (i.e. movie, book, music) or a laptop - 41%
4. Headphones - 40%
5. Video games – 34%
6. iPhone 6 – 28%
7. iPad – 21%
8. Sports or musical equipment – 18%
9. Samsung Galaxy smartphone – 17%
10. iPhone 6 Plus – 16%

Things were a little different when we were young. Like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story," most kids didn't ask for cash, but they did have that one toy (or BB gun) that they dreamed of getting from Santa.

What was the absolute best Christmas gift you ever got from Santa as a kid?