To celebrate "Fat Tuesday" Boris and Robyn's producer, Meat Sandwich, agreed to take the Deep Fryer Challenge.  Whatever the listeners, along with Boris and Robyn, decided to deep fry, he would eat.  It was all going so well until we reached the deep fried sardines!  Check out photos and video of the challenge below, along with Meat Sandwich's tasting notes.

Marshmallow Peep:


- Tasty and sweet but almost rubber-like, it felt like it was stuck in my chest for a while.


Twizzler and Slim Jim:


- Twizzler: Something I thought was going to be much better, it was sweet and crunchy at the start but had what I can only describe as an 'off' after-taste.
- Slim Jim: Definitely one of my top three. Slim Jims are disgustingly great to start with but the deep fried crunch really was a nice addition.


Pizza Bagel:


- Maybe if Boris had cooked it at all to start out with I would have enjoyed this one a bit more, but it was cold, very cold. I do have to say it was masterfully deep fried as far as the way it looked.


Clementine Orange:


- Another one of my top three. A crisp crunch biting into it with a great burst of juice as a secondary taste.


Cadbury Egg:


- Not much difference in the taste of this one, it was really just a misshapen chocolate egg, I only wish I remembered it had goo in it before I took a big bite. It was messy to say the least.


Hard Boiled Egg:


- I don't normally like eggs unless they're scrambled and covered in ketchup and pepper and maybe cheese. This egg was way to squishy for me and I just didn't like it. The crunchy deep fried part reminded me of the shell, too.


White Castle Cheeseburger:


- By far, the largest of the items and really tasty. I would go back and just eat this (by itself of course.) Much like the Slim Jim, this burger is known for being disgustingly good and often makes people sick without it even being deep fried.




- I think quite possibly the worst thing I have ever eaten. It smelled bad, it tasted bad, it was just the worst. Don't ever do this...just, don't.

And if you don't believe Meat Sandwich's warning... here's video  of the on-air taste test and its horrific ending: