Did anyone else notice the demonic looking surprise waiting for us at Bear Mountain State Park?

Mike Smith

Here's more proof that you never know what you'll find while hiking in the Hudson Valley. You can seriously find some weird things while travelling in the woods around here. Not even a year ago a hiker almost broke the internet when he found a downed airplane in the woods in Poughkeepsie and posted a picture that quickly went viral. The horrific scene turned out to be remnants of a crash from 2020.

Another hiker discovered strange remains of a snake-like fish in the woods near the Hudson River.

Yesterday someone posted some pictures of a bizarre statue on Bear Mountain and it's getting a lot of attention for two reasons. The first reason is because it's just an unbelievably weird thing to just find hiding on top of a mountain. It's a giant sculpture of an elk's head. Except the head looks to be angry and it's face looks scarred and torn. It's honestly horrifying.

Mike Smith

Why is this here? I can't find much information on it. Call me crazy but shouldn't there be a statue of a bear up there? I guess that makes too much sense.

The hiker who took the photographs also said in the post that there was a power outlet built in to the statue. He speculates that it might have been illuminated at some point. Do you know what this statue represents?

Mike Smith

The other reason the post is getting attention is because many long time Hudson Valley residents had no idea this was up there. Did you?

Where is it? Keep scrolling.

Mike Smith

The sculpture is located in the vicinity of the circle line dock at Bear Mountain

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