Busy at work? How about gettin' busy at work?

Per-Erik Muskos, a city councilman from Övertorneå, Sweden, has proposed a one-hour paid break for employees to go home and have sex with their partners.

"There are studies that show sex is healthy," Muskos, 42, said. "It's about having better relationships."

And when you think of all pseudo-drama Sweden has endured recently with the terrorist attack that never happened, what better way to relieve stress, right?

Muskos introduced the idea for civil servants in the hopes of uplifting spirits and bringing more people to town, so if you're a postal carrier, you're going to be in luck -- or getting lucky -- while those at IKEA will be stuck chowing down on lingonberries during their lunch breaks.

Currently, employees can eat or go to the gym during lunch, but, let's be honest, those are not nearly as fun as sex.

There's always the chance workers don't knock boots and elect to use the time on some other activity. Muskos says bosses simply have to trust their employees, which is kind of odd if you think about it because the following sentence could end up being totally legit: "Karl can't help you with those spreadsheets right now, Inga, because he's too busy having sex."

Of course, you gotta feel badly for those who are single. They're just gonna have to kill the hour all by themselves.