When New York State shut down back in March, school districts stepped up and made sure that their students did not go without meals. One district in Sullivan County has delivered close to 160,000 meals to students since March.

The amazing food services and transportation teams at the Monticello School District have been working very hard since March to provide meals for their students.

Since school buildings shut down back in March, the district has delivered more than 158,804 meals to Monticello children. All children under the age of 18, who live in Monticello are eligible to receive these free meals.

Five days' worth of breakfast and lunch is delivered along bus routes on Monday, Tuesday,  and Thursday.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, each student receives a double portion to enjoy on Wednesday and Friday when there are no deliveries.

The buses stop at regular bus stops that the children would go to every day. In order to receive a meal, you must be outside at your bus stop. Please be visible to drivers.

For more information on specific bus routes and times, please visit the Monticello Central School District website.

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