Joe Perry and Steven Tyler aren't just Toxic Twins — they're same-day grandfathers too. According to an announcement released on Aerosmith's official social media feeds, the longtime bandmates both welcomed new family members yesterday, with singer Tyler adding a grandson to his brood and guitarist Perry commemorating the birth of a granddaughter.

"Congrats to Steven Tyler and Joe Perry on the birth of their new grandchildren. Both born today!" begins the post. "How cool is that! The newest member of the Tyler family is a beautiful little boy, 7 lbs 11 oz born at 5:45 am. The newest member of the Perry family is a beautiful little girl, 6 lbs 9 oz born at 2:11 pm. Let's give them a huge #BlueArmy welcome."

Here's hoping both Tyler and Perry soak up as much time with the new additions as possible over the next few days, because Aerosmith are due to start their Aero-Vederci Baby! tour in Tel Aviv on May 17. The first stop on what's loosely being billed as the band's farewell, that date starts a string of live commitments that will keep the group away from home through the summer.

Once that's out of the way, Tyler and Perry are planning a return to the studio to work on the next Aerosmith LP — the band's first since 2012's Music From Another Dimension! As Perry put it, "We definitely have another record in us, if not two. But we’ll see how that goes."

The guitarist has also assured fans that — tour title notwithstanding — he feels like they have a healthy number of shows left in them too.

"I feel like, at this point, every show could be the last show. You just don’t know," he shrugged. "I always have this attitude, it’s gotta be as good as it can be that day. That said, we don’t have a day planned where we say ‘Okay, this is the last show.’ You can’t picture that. On the other hand, I know there will be a last show just like there’s a one last time for everything in life."

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