33 years ago, Ozzy Osbourne made headlines and shocked the world when he bit off the head of a bat while performing in Des Moines, Iowa. Ozzy thought it was a rubber toy that a fan had thrown on stage. Ozzy had to endure painful rabies shots as part of his treatment. Now, perhaps, the bats are finally having their revenge.

According to Loudwire, bats had taken up roost at Ozzy’s Buckinghamshire estate. The Osbournes were in the process of reinvading the home when the bats were discovered, There's quite a catch to all this though....these particular kind of bats are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 and the Conservation of Habitats Species Regulations of 2010, so the removal process becomes much trickier.

According to the Daily Recordan intricate process must be put into effect to move the brown long-eared bats and pipistrelle bats. A local council has greenlit the bat removal, but a license must be obtained before the bats can be rehomed in the proper way. The cost of it all? £18,500, or roughly $27,400.