The ongoing saga of of the Wawayanda Six, a group of people arrested for blocking the entrance to the CPV power plant in Wawayanda as a form of protest which includes actor James Cromwell, continues today. The three members of the group who were made to serve a one-week sentence in Orange County Jail have been released after three days

Cromwell, a prolific actor known for playing the farmer in Babe and appearing on films and TV shows like L.A. ConfidentialThe Green Mile24, and American Horror Story, went to jail along with two members of his group - Pramilla Malick and Madeline Shaw - rather than pay the $375 fine. And the arrest and jail time seems to not have changed his attitude one bit.

Cromwell refers to their actions as a "silly little gesture," but by doing it they are trying to reach an audience, and he says that he will be back protesting outside the plant in an effort to raise environmental awareness.

This story also gives me an opportunity to recommend 1996's Eraser, an action movie Cromwell stars in with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie has a gunfight while skydiving out of a plane and then has to wrestle a CGI alligator - it's awesome. Cromwell will be soon be seen next year in the new Jurassic Park movie, called Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.