Paul Sr. and Mikey from Orange County Choppers kick off their new reality series with a revealing interview about their challenges after leaving the airwaves.

Fans of "American Choppers" have been clamoring for the show's return ever since it ended in 2012. But probably no one is more excited about the new series than Paul Teutul Sr, himself.

In an interview, Senior told us that he was "depressed" when the show ended. The reality series gained global popularity and at the height of the show's fame Teutul says he purchased the OCC headquarters building for $15 million. When the economy started to fall and the show went off the air the influx of work also started to stop coming into the shop making it a challenge to keep things going.

Teutul made it clear that the business is far from doomed and he's not going anywhere, but things certainly aren't as effortless as they once were. Here's more of our conversation about where OCC stands now:

The new web series is expected cover how the business is doing now as the team moves their focus from million dollar fantasy bikes to more affordable choppers and other revenue generating projects. And, of course, there will be plenty of humor.

One thing that hasn't changed is Paul Sr. and Mikey's ability to entertain. So if you're interested in seeing some of the crazy and unpredictable things that are bound to happen in the new series, you'll be able to watch free weekly episodes as the show begins its run very soon.

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