This wasn't a sight people were expecting to see. But it appears an emu named Sheriff Cody took it upon itself to patrol the streets of Guilderland, NY Wednesday - in search of...well, who knows?

The incident all started when Cody hopped the gate at the Whispering Willow Wild Care and went for a stroll. Albany County legislator Mark Grimm witnessed the large bird as it pranced up and down the neighborhood street.

The emu was just prancing all around and all of a sudden stops and starts to walk right toward me.

This must have been quite the show, as you can imagine some people would have be a little rattled seeing one of the largest species in the world casually walking by their homes.

Another witness called 911 after seeing the bird. The Guilderland Police intervened from there. Cody was back home by mid afternoon. Cody's owner said they wanted to find the bird a more suitable home.  

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