On Tuesday, May 1, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed new legislation into effect.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed new legislation that makes it illegal for convicted domestic abusers to possess any firearms. According to a press release from the Governor's office, the new law closes a loophole that only previously required abusers to surrender handguns. Convicted abusers must now surrender all guns.

The new law expands the types of misdemeanors that make it illegal for a person to purchase or possess firearms. By expanding this list, the release states that no abuser in New York will be able to possess a firearm once convicted.

Cuomo said that he hopes to sever the correlation between domestic abuse and gun violence.

In addition, any person who has a warrant out for a felony, or any serious offense that would prevent them from owning a firearm, will not be able to obtain or renew a gun license. The release states that it is to ensure that no one is recklessly endangered because a wanted individual was able to purchase new guns.