It wasn't a happy occasion for one Pennsylvania family on January 16.

That was the day a 19 year-old family member decided to take LSD and proceed to terrorize his frightened family, who were so shaken up...they had to hide in the bathroom.

And the only thing he was wearing was a sock. We don't know as of yet where the sock was located on his body.

ABC 7 NY says that the young man had taken LSD and then allegedly attacked two relatives and their kids. The 19 year-old went on a rampage and trashed the home located in North Apollo, Pennsylvania. 

It got so bad the family dog even bit the guy trying to protect the rest of the relatives. Police arrived and were forced to stun the naked man after he failed to comply.

Oh, and one more thing. The naked nutjob was also covered in cooking oil. There's no further word how or why he was covered in cooking oil.