As we come to the end of our weather related songs theme, I realized that I have not played this one.  It's very hard to get your hands on Beatles tunes these days on youtube, but this song was written by George Harrison, so I have no problem playing a version done by George solo.

It is a beautiful song, and I don't think i have ever met anybody that does not like it.  If I have, we are probably not friends.  Just kidding.  The Beatles version of the song was on Abbey Road which is sometimes my favorite Beatles album.  By sometimes, I mean when I am listening to it.  If I am listening to Sgt. Pepper, that's my favorite.  Or Let It Be.  You get what I'm saying.  And these days, George is my favorite Beatle.  I love them all, but when it comes to solo stuff, George has my vote.

Tomorrow we will wrap up our weather theme.  On Monday, it's a week of Halloween type songs.  If there is one you would like to hear, let me know at  Thanks, and enjoy your weekend.