Douglas Odolecki admits he got into some trouble as a kid and always had a thing against the police. The 43 year old Ohio man says though that he's stayed out of trouble for a number of years. That changed recently after he was arrested and cited for holding up a sign near a main road that said “CHECK POINT AHEAD! TURN NOW!". Odolecki says that warning motorists of DWI checkpoints is his mission and that police violated his 1st amendment rights by arresting him. This isn't the first time he's tried to warn drivers across the state of Ohio to avoid areas where police were present.

He says

Anywhere I’m called, anywhere I’m needed, anywhere I see injustice happening.

See his warning sign HERE

Hmm. Kind of a strange hero's complex he's got here. Parma, OH police spokesman Kevin Riley said that officers have consulted with city attorneys to determine if Odolecki violated any laws by displaying the sign. Odolecki says he'll challenge the citation and has an attorney who's representing him for free.