There's many issues one could face while flying that no one wants to deal with. Problems such as delays, rough turbulence, cramped traveling conditions (or maybe something like THIS) are only a few of the headaches...but one of the scariest things one could witness is another passenger having a mid flight meltdown. This is exactly what happened on this JetBlue flight out of JFK...

A Las Vegas bound flight out of JFK had to be diverted to Detroit after a passenger became unruly and began screaming at his family at the top of his lungs. It's still not certain what the fight was about but one of the family members could be heard pleading with the man to calm down. He only seemed to become angrier once flight attendants attempted to intervene, and he can be seen lunging at one of the attendants before he's forcefully subdued.

The man was taken into custody once the flight landed. He was transported to nearby Oakwood Hospital for evaluation.