If you have this TV provider, you probably noticed that CBS network has been dropped from the channel list.

A disgruntled friend brought it to my attention that CBS Network has been dropped from DirectTV. When they went to look for recordings of a show they watch that airs on Sundays, they noticed it wasn't there. Looking into it more, they saw CBS wasn't even on the channel guide any more.

According to CBS News, DirectTV and CBS had a business dispute that caused the blackout. CBS was blacked out on satellite systems owned by AT&T in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and 14 other major cities across the U.S. The dispute was over what you probably assumed: price.

CBS News reports that CBS didn't want customers to be caught in the middle but is determined to get a fair value. AT&T's rebuttal said that CBS is "a repeat blackout offender" and has done this before to other providers.

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