After over 20 reported car thefts Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith is warning all to lock your cars and remove all valuables.

According to the Putnam County Sheriff, there have been over 20 thefts from parked cars, in the past two weeks in the towns of Putnam Valley and Southeast. The common theme in each robbery, the cars owner left the doors unlocked. Many Putnam County residents feel safe so they fall into the habit of not locking their cars.

Over the past two weeks the most popular items stolen were cash, credit cards and GPS devices. Other electronics as well as random items were also taken.

During the time span two unlocked cars were also stolen. One on December 14th the other on December 16th. One of the stolen vehicles was later found abandoned in Westchester County.

The Sheriff is reminding everyone to lock their vehicles at all times, even when they feel their car is safe because it's parked in their own driveway. He also said to turn the cars alarm on, if the vehicle is equipped with that feature. "Thieves can be opportunistic," said Smith in a statement. "An unlocked car with valuables visible inside offers an alluring target to thieves. At this time of year, thieves know that people might leave Christmas presents or holiday shopping money in their cars."

Smith also wants everyone to not hesitate to call police if they see anything or anyone that appears suspicious in a parking lot or in their neighborhoods.