The Hudson Valley community was surprised to find out about a popular restaurant closing their doors after many years of serving the area.This region is where local businesses thrive and space where all are welcome to visit and gather with their family and friends.

I enjoy supporting local businesses and getting to know the owners and other residents who also enjoy the same places.

The community was concerned about what would happen to this business, who would take it over and where would the staff go.

When Did The Jolly Onion Close In The Hudson Valley?

The Jolly Onion made an announcement on social media in September of 2023 that they would be closing. This business was a staple within the Orange County, NY community for several years.

The Jolly Onion shared this message on their social media accounts in 2023.

"Dear valued customers, it is with a heavy heart we announce we are permanently closed. This was an extremely difficult decision. We are so grateful to all of our patrons, especially our regulars. We truly will miss you all!  If you would like to post a photo or memory from your visit with us we would love to see and hear them!"


What Will Take Over The Former Jolly Onion Location In Pine Island, NY?

It's great news! A fan favorite restaurant within the Hudson Valley will take over the former Jolly Onion location in Pine Island, NY.

With a large following and amount of customers, Pasta D'oro of Wurtsboro, NY will bring their delicious Italian cuisine to Orange County, NY.

This Sullivan County, NY restaurant has brought foodies from all over to enjoy their old world style food options in a modern setting.

On May 1, 2024, Pasta D'oro made a post on social media about their exciting addition in Pine Island, NY.

"Hi everyone Edison and Christian from pasta D’oro in Wurtsboro here . We are excited to announce that we will be revamping and reimagining, this beautiful and historical landmark, the Jolly onion . We will be bringing our unique dining experience with around the world flavors and keeping some of the home town classics . We are very excited to meet everyone and and build , everlasting relationships, fond memories, and great times . Cheers "

The community shared their positive feedback in the comments section of this post by Pasta D'oro and how they will take over the former Jolly Onion location.

Additional information about Pasta D'oro taking over Jolly Onion's location can be found on their social media platforms and on 94.3 Lite FM.

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When Did Jolly Onion's Chef Announce A Brand New Restaurant In The Hudson Valley?

Jolly Onion's social media announcements have been keeping their loyal customers informed about where one of their chefs moved within New York state.

On May 2, 2024 the Jolly Onion shared that their former chef, Chef Armand, is open for business at his restaurant, Brasserie Benelux NY in Saratoga Springs, NY.

They shared,

"Chef Armand continues the traditions he started at The Jolly Onion serving fine Northern European and Adirondak Classics."

Additional posts on Jolly Onion's social media accounts continue to remind customers of their favorite chef's new restaurant.

Facebook users shared mixed reviews about learning the news about Jolly Onions former chef.

"As much we all loved his food asking people to drive for 3 hours is a bit much."


"I think we all wish it would reopen soon"

Brasserie Benelux NY Serves "Authentic European Cuisine" In Saratoga Springs, NY

Brasserie Benelux is known for being a European inspired restaurant within the downtown area of Saratoga Springs, nY.

Brasserie Benelux shared that they are "proud" to be involved in the culinary community within Saratoga and how it's always been a dream to do so.

They shared that Chef Armand Vanderstigchel is an operational partner of Brasserie Benelux and how he visited Saratoga Springs in the 1990's when he was writing his book called "Adirondack Cuisine".

They also shared,

"The great success of the book spawned a PBS Mountain Lake television show “Adirondack Cuisine”, in which Chef Armand and PBS Host Derek Muiden from Road side Adventures, produced multiple series which aired successfully in New York State, Vermont and Canada."

Brasserie Benelux takes pride in preparing their food on site and from scratch with also using high quality and fresh ingredients.

They have dine in, outdoor seating and in store pickup options. According to their social media, Brasserie Benelux NY hours of operation are Tuesday through Thursday from 5pm until 9pm. On Friday, they're open from 4pm until 9:30pm. Brasserie Benelux NY's Saturdays hours are from 12pm until 9:30pm and Sunday 12pm until 7:30pm.

Additional information about Brasserie Benelux NY can be found on their social media platforms and website.

Brasserie Benelux NY

390 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY

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