An Upstate New York pup is going viral after the shelter he resides in shared a heartbreaking photo.

Fulton County Regional SPCA Shares Heartbreaking Shelter Photo

On May 28th, 2024 the Fulton County Regional SPCA shared a picture of a dog named Tyson. It's common practice for rescues and animal shelters to share photos of the animals available for adoption, however this photo was different.

The picture captured the sadness on Tyson's face after over 120 days in the shelter. On Facebook the Fulton County SPCA explains "This is what 128 days of shelter life looks like for dogs like Tyson."

Fulton County Regional SPCA, Facebook
Fulton County Regional SPCA, Facebook

They go on to explain that Tyson is showing signs of decline at the shelter, adding that Tyson is starting to pace in his kennel and refusing to come outside, even for treats.

The Fulton County Regional SPCA asked their followers to share and like the photo on Facebook so they could hopefully find Tyson's forever family.

Well, the people listened! The photo was shred over 4,000 times and is getting all the right kind of attention.

Tyson Gets His Close-Up on Local News Station

Things are looking brighter for Tyson. He was recently given the spotlight on NEWS 10 ABC in the Capital region.

Is it just me or does Tyson look much happier than his initial photo? Hopefully, all of this publicity will find the right person and Tyson will find his forever family.

And it seems to be working. The Fulton County Regional SPCA shared that they have closed the application processes stating:

At this time, we are closing applications for Tyson while our volunteer adoption coordinators work to process the many we have received so far.

To learn more about Tyson and the Fulton County Regional SPCA visit

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