A Hudson Valley couple has created a unique, immersive movie dining experience.

Have you ever seen a food on-screen and thought, "Wow, that looks delicious! I wish I were eating that right now!" Well, Joe and Danielle Gattuso created a company that lets you enjoy a throwback movie while enjoying dishes that are themed to what you're seeing on screen.

Let us introduce you to Movie Thyme!

Hudson Valley Couple Creates Immersive Movie Dining Experience

Last fall, Joe and Danielle Gattuso hosted a movie night for friends and family where they made foods that were themed with the movie and served them as the movie played. The movie night was such a hit that their guests suggested they make a service like that available to the public.

And just like that, Movie Thyme was born.

We spoke to the couple to learn all about Movie Thyme and learned that Joe and Danielle are big movie buffs, which makes sense, adding that Joe "lives life in movie quotes."

What Is Movie Thyme and What Do You Get at a Showing?

The first movie the Gattuso family showed was Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. They used the facility at Tapas Flores Bar in Wappingers Falls, New York, and created an immersive food experience for fans.

For instance, they made a lickable wallpaper and then created courses that represented the flavors that were tasted in the Everlasting Gobstopper.

Movie Thyme
Movie Thyme

Each movie showing comes with 2 drinks and 5 meals and each meal is presented while the scene is playing out on the screen. As you can see from the photos, these aren't your typical movie meals, guests enjoy full entrees and desserts which make the Movie Thyme experience super unique.

Other movies they've shown in the past include Elf ( serving Spaghetti and Maple Syrup) Ratatouille and Hocus Pocus.

Movie Thyme
Movie Thyme

What Does The Future Hold For Movie Thyme?

For now, Movie Thyme is working out of Flores Tapas Bar, but they are looking for new locations to work with.

Most recently they showed Grease and have plans to show Mrs. Doubtfire and The Sandlot this summer. If you're interested in enjoying dinner and a show with Movie Thyme you can book your dinner through their website MovieThyme.com.

As for what the future holds the Gattuso family hopes that they can share this experience all across the US. Right now Joe tells us "We’re just having fun making recipes and serving it."

Movie Thyme
Movie Thyme

They'll be traveling down south this summer and trying out the Movie Thyme experience with a drive-in movie theater style and possibly bring that experience back to the Hudson Valley.

Maybe they could set it up in one of these New York State drive-in theaters?

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