It's hard to cool off in the water when there are too many lingering mud pies.

If you need to make a choice about where to go swimming then maybe some lakes in New York should be your number 2 choice.

This is one of the hottest summers in New York that I can remember. I don't know about you but I have had my air conditioner cranking for the past two weeks. It doesn't look like the Hudson Valley is going to cool off any time soon. The temperature may be in the high 80s for the next week.

If you're not trying to turn your house into an igloo there's another way you can cool off. You can take a dip in the ocean or the lake. Some New Yorkers were disappointed to learn that they might have to give it a second thought before they swim at several beaches in the state.

Over 300 Lakes in New York State Have Dangerous Poop Levels.

This might be a good year to invest in a pool.

According to NBC New York, almost half of the beaches in the state were shut down due to contamination from fecal matter. The bacteria in the water could be at dangerous levels. Ingesting these bacteria and parasites could make you extremely ill.

New York State reportedly had the worst numbers in the Tri-State area.

This issue is not exclusive to New York. Apparently many lakes across the nation face contamination.

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