They're renaming the iconic Wienermobile and I don't think the new name cuts the mustard. I'm offering my expertise.

  Oscar Mayer just hit us with a massive change that no one asked for. They announced last week that they will be replacing the name of one of the most iconic cars ever made. They say there's no such thing as a bad idea but can I be frank? I think this name change is extremely silly. They're dubbing it the Frankmobile. How creative...

One thing about me is that I don't like to criticize ideas without offering an alternative. Here is a list of possible

  1. The Pickle Pickup
  2. The Relish Rocket
  3. The Sausage Shuttle
  4. The Kielbasa Carriage
  5. The Mustard Mobile
  6. The Salami Speedster
  7. The Chilli Cheese Chariot
  8. The Wiener Wagon
  9. The Balogna Buggy

I didn't forget about the vegans. We could also call it The Tofurkey Taxi

Do we need to change the name of the Wienie Whistle too? We can start calling it the Frank Flute, Bologna Blower or the Salami Siren.

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