Bon Jovi has a new single out, "Living Proof."

You can hear the song, which is part of the band's upcoming album, Forever, below.

"We bring back the talk box, the idea based on Peter Frampton and Joe Walsh and our using it first on 'Livin' on a Prayer,'" Jon Bon Jovi explained in a promotional video earlier this week. "This is a big ol' rock song just the way you like it."

What to Expect From 'Forever'

"The overarching sentiment of this album is that of joy," Bon Jovi told UCR in March. "How did I get to joy? I had to work through a lot of dark misery!"

Forever, which is Bon Jovi's 16th album and their first in four years, will arrive on June 7.

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"Our last record, which was called 2020, was a lot of observations and narratives about what was going on in the world around us – whether it was the COVID crises or George Floyd, shootings in schools, soldiers with PTSD," Bon Jovi continued, explaining that following that album, he wound up running into a vocal issue that required surgery.

"But on the other end of it all came joy," he said, "and my ability to look up in the morning, see the sky and say, 'Huh, that big red ball up in there is the sun, and it's shining!'"

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