Is that considered an oxymoron?

Instagram users, rejoice. After a ton of backlash about their algorithm, Instagram is making some changes to the order pictures are shown. The social media company said via press release that they were making changes to put your feed in a more timely order.

Now don't get too excited, because they're not completely ditching their algorithm. Instead, they're working on a 'New Posts' button. According to the release, this button will let you chose when to refresh your feed, instead of it automatically happening and taking you to the top of the timeline.

They are also working on showing pictures and videos in a more timely manner. The press release says that they're making it so newer posts appear at the top more often, instead of the most popular, promoted, or 'things you may like' at the top. The release says it's so you 'won't miss a moment you care about'.

The timing is really important since Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook is currently in the middle of a data scandal that is plummeting their stocks. Maybe this is to save the face of one of their companies, instead of actually listening to user complaints.