The Hudson Valley's regular firearms seasons for deer and bear hunters opened at sunrise on Saturday morning, and just hours later the first accident was reported.

Last year on the first day of hunting season there was an epic hunting fail that made national headlines. A Hudson Valley man mistakenly shot at a dead deer, instead hitting another hunter in the buttocks. Luckily, this year's first accident wasn't quite as bad, and didn't even involve any gunfire.

The Daily Freeman reports that a 55-year-old man from Poughkeepsie was rushed to the hospital after getting tripped up in a tree. The Milan fire department responded after they were alerted to a hunter in distress who's tree stand broke.

Emergency personnel arrived to find the man dangling from his tree stand in the woods near Lamoree Road. One of the rungs on the man's tree stand broke, trapping his leg in the apparatus.

The Poughkeepsie man was transported by ATV to Northern Dutchess Hospital where he was treated for a leg injury. Luckily, it looks like he will be fine. But the first day of hunting was most likely ruined, as we can only imagine his embarrassing calls for help scared away most of the deer.

Hunting season continues through December 13 this year, so be careful if you're trekking out into the woods over the next few weeks.