A Hudson Valley hospital will close its doors and move all patients and services to a new location.

You may have heard that HealthAlliance is opening up a new hospital building on Mary's Avenue in Kingston. The new $113 million facility will replace the hospital's outdated Broadway campus. With all services moving to the new location, the hospital is now faced with the daunting task of transporting all of its patients while not disrupting their medical care.

The upgraded hospital will include a new emergency department that will also serve as a behavioral health triage center. There will be upgraded private rooms, a new cardiac center, inpatient psychiatry services and a new family birth center with private rooms.

HealthAlliance says that they have "carefully planned" the transition to the new hospital and have shared a timeline for when these changes will take place.


On Wednesday, December 14 the hospital will begin to move patients and services from Broadway to Mary's Avenue. The undertaking will begin at 6am and is expected to end sometime before midnight. Once the move starts, emergency services will immediately be available at the new facility.

Ambulances will spend the day moving patients out of the old hospital and bringing them to their new rooms on Mary's Avenue. At the same time, large trucks will be moving hospital equipment.

Because of the increased traffic, local residents are being warned of expected congestion on Broadway, East O’Reilly Street, West O’Reilly Street, Mary’s Avenue, Andrew Street, Foxhall Avenue, Hasbrouck Avenue, Jansen Avenue and Pine Grove Avenue.

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A dedicated "hospital move hotline" will be made available around the clock from Monday, December 12 through Sunday, December 18. Patients and their families can call 845 450-5025 for questions and assistance throughout the moving process.

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