It’s been a rumor for a while, but now it’s been confirmed.  HealthQuest has signed a lease agreement to renovate and move into the former Macy’s building at the Hudson Valley Mall in Kingston.  An article released by the Daily Freeman confirms the news after a phone interview with Chief Medical Operations Officer Dr Glenn Loomis.

Loomis said, the lease was signed earlier in September and engineering reviews are being done to prepare for the town planning board within the next few weeks. During the interview with the paper, the doctor said they are working on architectural plans and they meet a couple a times per week to review them.

The plan is to remove a portion of the building, so it’s disconnected from the mall.  In the end it will be a stand alone building.  Hull Property Group, who’s owns the mall is expected to file planning applications for that change to the building.  Healthquest will file documents to change the space from retail to medical.

Loomis said the plan includes spending about $18 million on renovations.  Healthquest plans to open an urgent care center, ambulatory surgery facility and oncology practice.  They will use 81,000 to 86,000 square feet of the 110,000 that was Macy’s.  The new center will have about 400 dedication parking spots on the south and west sides of the structure.

Doctor Loomis went on the say, that it’s expected to have the new facility open in 2019 subject to approvals.  He said the ambulatory surgery center will probably not open until the end of 2020 or early 2021.

The current Healthquest OBGYN and primary care in the Kingston Plaza will stay as is.