Governor Cuomo may allow New Yorkers to continue to support their local bar and enjoy their favorite spirits while on the go.

Since New York's pause began in March, local restaurants have been able to adapt by offering drinks to-go. Several Hudson Valley bars quickly took advantage of the legislation and relied on this tactic for months while their doors were closed to the public.

Even though the Mid-Hudson region has entered phase 3 and has allowed indoor dining, the limited capacity is hurting the bar and restaurant industry's profits.There are also many people who are cautious to enter these establishments so soon.

Bar and restaurant owners in New York may be getting some good news shortly. According to the Times Union, Governor Cuomo sees the necessity for an extension and may soon sign an executive order to allow the option to sell to-go cocktails for another 30 days. The current date for ordering take-out alcohol is set to expire in New York is June 27.

*It's important to note that until there's confirmation of this executive order, selling cocktails on the go may be prohibited after Saturday, June 27. We will update you as soon as we are made aware of any official changes. Any establishment that is open must continue to follow the strict guidelines set by New York State.

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