Layla Rose Boyles of Century 21 Realty Center has a great statistic for those looking to sell their homes: Her average listing is getting 10-20 offers. This is undoubtedly a sellers' market.

That, of course, is less exciting if you're a buyer. So I asked her how buyers can succeed in this environment, and she had a spot-on practical advice:

As you heard, buyers should remember that their offer is the seller's first impression of them, so they should ensure that it's clear, concise and strong. Then, when asked for a final offer, buyers should find a balance: Choose a number where, if you get the house, you will be happy and won't feel like you overpaid but if you don't get the house, you won't be left wishing you had offered more.

Similarly, now's a great time for buyers to consider writing a letter to the seller. You don't want to sound desperate in the letter, but you do want to communicate that you'll get to the closing table by showing you're strongly motivated, financially qualified and working with a team of professionals who are truly professional.

These points just underscore why it is so important to work with the right real estate professional. The team at Century 21 Realty Center has decades of experience in the Hudson Valley area and is committed to negotiating the best deals possible for their clients, whether that's family homes, rentals, land, farms, investments properties, or condos and townhomes. To learn more, visit or call 845-781-8100.