When choosing tile the one thing most homeowners overlook is actually the thing that could make or break your design.

Before remodeling our kitchen, our family visited Affordable Granite and Cabinetry to look at what seemed like an endless selection of tile for our backsplash. Overwhelmed with choices, we narrowed down the search to tiles that fit with our design; simple, classic and timeless.

It was pretty clear that our choice was steering us towards subway tile. I'm a huge fan of subway tile. I love the clean lines and the classic look. Plus the fact that subway tile never seems to go out of style means that our remodel won't look outdated by the time the next season of HGTV decorating shows roll around.

The only problem is that because we love subway tile, we had already used it in our bathroom. While zeroing in on the tile we wanted my son immediately objected, saying that he didn't want our kitchen to look like the bathroom. It's something we never thought of, but if your picky eater was going to be grossed out thinking about the toilet every meal, we knew we had to do something different.

A. Boris

That's when Brianne at Affordable Granite and Cabinetry suggested switching up the grout color. We never gave any thought to grout, and just assumed it would be white, like the bathroom. But Brianne selected a dark brown grout that matched the highlights in our granite countertop. As soon as we saw it next to the tile, everything fell immediately into place.

A. Boris

It truly is amazing how different our two rooms look just by using a different grout color with the tile. Now, not only does our home have a more interesting design, but now my son has no excuse not to eat his broccoli.