This week's beer is a style that I can safely say we haven't done yet: Braggot.

Cisco's Winter Shredder is a unique cold month seasonal from the island of Nantucket. "Winter Ale" is not technically a style of beer. When you see a beer that's called a "Winter" that just means it's offered for sale during the Winter months. Winter Ales usually range in styles from Brown Ales to Scotch Ales to Black IPAs and beyond. Cisco decided that for their Winter Ale, they would revive an old style of beer called the Braggot. Chaucer fans may recognize the name, since Braggots were mentioned as far back as the Canterbury Tales, written in the 1300s. Basically, it's a blend of beer, mead and various spices thrown in during the brewing process.

Winter Shredder isn't overly strong on spice, but there is a very warm alcohol feel from the 8.8% abv that makes this a perfect beer for a cold, snowy night.  Lots of malt and a surprising amount of hops makes this a great choice for a Winter seasonal.

So, enjoy your first Braggot and "brag" to your friends that you've had a style of beer that they haven't even heard of.  And, of course, it's half price in your WPDH growler at Half Time on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie all week long so you can sample and report back your thoughts.  As always, feel free to leave your tasting notes below or share them with me on Facebook and Twitter.