It seems more and more people in New York are spotting bigfoot, have you?

So, it appears that more people are claiming to have seen bigfoot in New York, at least according to the New York Bigfoot Society.

Head Field Researcher, Gary Robusto has seven years of bigfoot research under his belt. He uses various types of technology during his investigations, such as, GoPro cameras, flare thermal cameras, full-spectrum cameras and high-definition audio equipment.

Robusto said:

Overall, the New York Bigfoot Society examines evidence of the possible existence of Sasquatch. We conduct research on possible Bigfoot activity and visit homes to investigate claims. We are traveling constantly.

Robusto tells of a breeding ground in the Adirondacks where sasquatches are consistently seen year after year around the same time.

Robusto continued:

There was one interesting case, a New York City person who had moved to the Catskills area reported a sighting of a Bigfoot in the backyard, gray-colored. We looked into it and found that, miraculously, it was the same family unit we had been researching when a friend back in the 70s saw them, but they were darker colored back then.

Whether you believe in bigfoot or not, there are still sightings every year in New York. Have you ever seen sasquatch roaming around the Hudson Valley?