If you were listening to Boris and Robyn this morning you might have heard about the gruesome animal killings that have puzzled officials across Westchester County over the past several months. Are the killings some sort of ritual act carried out by occultists? The SPCA has called in an occult specialist named Marco Quinones to help investigate the killings. Quinones has worked with over 200 law enforcement groups in similar investigations in the past. Among the latest findings include a dead bird in Mt Vernon wrapped in three layers of red, black and white cloth, as well as decapitated animals found in a plastic bag.

On Tuesday, New Rochelle police's harbor unit discovered a black plastic bag in the Long Island Sound containing a decapitated goat and five decapitated chickens. The bag also contained money, food and a blue T-shirt.

They are also still investigating the killings of 25 cats in Yonkers back in April. The SPCA is not certain if there is any connection between the cat killings and these latest incidents.

The cases remain open and anyone with information about these killings is asked to contact the SPCA's Confidential Animal Cruelty Hotline at 914-941-7797.