Don't even think of bringing booze on the train. Starting Saturday morning alcohol will be strictly forbidden on all Metro-North trains.

You can thank a bunch of drunk Santas for the no-alcohol policy. Santa-Con, the event that encourages participants to dress up as St. Nick and barhop around NYC is scheduled for Saturday. In recent years, the pub crawl has gotten out of hand, with patrons getting into fights and vomiting throughout Manhattan, giving families and visitors to the city quite a show.

This year's Santa-Con takes place in Brooklyn, but you can be certain that many of those inebriated Kris Kringles will find their way to all boroughs of the city. According to NBC, the alcohol ban includes all trains and stations for Metro North from 5am Saturday through through Noon on Sunday. Yes, that also means Grand Central Terminal.

This weekend is a busy one for tourists and locals throughout the region who will be flocking to New York City to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and other holiday attractions. Will you be affected by the alcohol ban? Share your thoughts on Metro-North's decision in our comments section below.