A shocking study shows that there are some very ordinary things that could increase your chances of getting a divorce. How many of these apply to you?

Prevention Magazine published the results of various studies showing how the simplest of things could have a major impact on the future of your marriage. Seeing as 50% of couples will split up anyway, it doesn't hurt to lessen your chances. Check out what the magazine had to say and ask yourself if you think these factors may be ruining your marriage.

You have a daughter
Over 60 years of data from the US census shows that couples who's first child is a daughter are 42% more likely to split up. There's no real reason given, except that perhaps fathers have a stronger attachment to their sons and would rather stay in a bad marriage than leave them fatherless.

You have a long commute
This one makes sense. A long stressful drive home and less time together certainly can't help an already fragile marriage. A Swedish study showed that couples with at least one partner working far from home had an almost 50% increase in divorce.

You share chores equally
A Norwegian study showed that couples who equally shared in household chores had a higher divorce rate. One explanation given is that couples who equally share in the tasks of a marriage treat it like a business partnership. Either that or divorce is a better option than having to do the the dishes every night.

You're not fat
An online divorce service released a study that showed over 75% of divorced couples were physically fit. Couples who both weighed less than 200 pounds each were way more likely to divorce than those who were overweight.

The wife likes to throw back the cocktails
In another Norwegian study couples who drank very little had a much better chance of staying together. The divorce rate climbed when the husband was a heavy drinker, but it surprisingly tripled when it was the wife who was the one hitting the bottle more than her husband.

There are actually four more odd reasons for divorce in the original article. What do you think about these reasons for divorce? Are you and your spouse happy despite having one or more of these factors or does it make perfect sense?